Town of Watertown Ambulance

If you have an emergency call 911 from any phone.

Town of Watertown Ambulance Service, Inc. is a Not-for-profit run Emergency Medical Services (EMS) organization which responds to the medical needs of the Town of Watertown community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  New York Certified as Advanced and Basic Life Support, we provide our community with your needed emergency response with highly skilled and educated providers "at the ready," from our two station locations.  In addition, Town of Watertown Ambulance provides standbys as requested for concerts, sporting events, and other social gatherings in the Town of Watertown community.

Over the past eight years, the Town of Watertown Ambulance Service has grown to be one of Jefferson County's leading EMS teams with continued growth, continued higher education, and reliability. 

As a mixture of paid and volunteer providers, there is no experience necessary to join our organization. Additional training can be coordinated through our training center and coordinated with local state and county educational facilities for certifications like EMT-Basic, AEMT-CC, and Paramedics.  We also work hand-in-hand with SUNY-Jefferson College in the continued growth and development of future ALS providers as we provide student with valuable ride time, patient contact, and professionally skilled mentors.











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